The Gas Tank !
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Well,that's my Tank here and it has a lots of space,not just Only 4 Gas Station Workers !

Your Most Live Updated News Source For Nashville On One Page !

Finally after all here is a place totaly interactive
and open for anything to solve Service Station Issues or maybe even preventing Them !


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  Now,more than ever your Input is needed !

We know how hard our everyday Life at the Service
Store is and we don't need to make it harder after
all on us and others.

So here is everyones chance to build a better
Place for all of us,by bringing in the most needed
Input,because right now they are out there
to get us !

So you better be prepared !


Here are the Catgegories in which everyone is welcome to put down their Input :




,..just click on the Link above in which you want
to Post a Message and you will be able to leave
your Marks,Footprints and Ideas,plus you will
see what others have left there !

Every Note is important,so take a look and don't
miss out !

Search the Web: Try my searchEstate search engine

With The Most Updated Local Info on One Site !

Very soon,so i hope everyone will find what they
need to know from here about The Service Station
Neighbourhood in Nashville or even further !

Also Managers are ecouraged to leave Notes under
" News " about Openings or Transfers or anything
else that gets the Store going .

This is the Service Market Place
and anything goes !

There are Polls below.just like the Main Page,
which i have created to reflect Opinions
& Issues to make this Place more Interactive
and Interesting to Visit with Questions
created only for here to get a better
understanding of the Every Day Issues
that are facing us .

You are more than welcome to give me your Ideas
of Polls that should be posted here,so we get
more Inputs from all Areas !

...oooops here is the Latest for Moneybag holders :


...want some fries with that ?

Maybe the weather will cool you off a bit !


Well,don't let this one pass You by :




Because if You don't ,...well,that's between You and your other half ,..

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Always be prepared,the better you can defend yourself !
There are many inputs needed,just for that alone.

,...and keep on checking for I.D,there ain't no second Chance !

Right now all the Gas Stations are loosing their
good Workers over the most craziest Stuff,
the Number 1 out of all are those repeating
ongoing Beer Stings !

It's there everyone knows,so someone wants some
alcoholic Beverage,they better have more than just
a smile for you.

This is first of all to protect yourself !

I know how it feels to check someone,who
could be yours Grandpa's Grandpa !

and keep checking back with The Site !

Things can change fast over here,
...just like our Weather and the Gas prices !




Nashville Weather Forecast, TN (37206)
..maybe the right Person or whoever is left out there will pay attention to some of that,...since it doesn't cost a thing .....?(...wonder,wonder...BBQ & Voodoo that U Do ...)






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Hey Bookmark this Site here and check back,even if you only want to see the latest of Nashville's Weather,Gas Prices,Check on the Lottery or even have your own Lucky Numbers picked ! ...tell me,which is The Craziest ..?