About Me & The Service Activity !
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Always got an ear for anything new,so make something
up and we'll see how it does !

Off course History is also a good starting point
to get into a good Time well spend !

So far like the Name of the Site says,it is all
about Music and The Arts related to it !

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Get To Know The Stuff,gets us puff !

Right now i am very busy with working for
Walgreens all around Town,but there is
a lotsa challenge in this and of course always
new Faces,in this case i also have an open ear
for everyone who wants to give me more input
on different issues or new Ideas on how we can
make this already hard hit Retail life
a little more easier for Friends and Families .

Please feel free to give me your input
on anything that matters or issues,
which should be observed !

I worked on a Site to bring in
some solutions for Issues,

With a lotta input from everyone
who can !

hang in there ...
..and don't forget to visit
" The Gas Tank "

Thank you


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